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steel Roll up Commercial garage doors
When it comes to commercial garage doors, it’s different that installing a residential garage door for a home. A business needs a different type of door for maximum security and safety. You may need a durable industrial door, an energy-efficient door for a climate-controlled warehouse or a full-view door for other businesses. No matter your needs we can assist you and install the right door for your application.

C and S Garage Doors, LLC is a licensed, insured and bonded residential and commercial garage door company, offering installation, garage door and opener repair, 24/7 service and friendly technicians. We have over 20 years’ experience in the garage door industry.

Types of Garage Doors

Roll up Garage Doors

For many commercial businesses, roll-up steel garage doors, roll up shutter doors, and service doors are an efficient and effective choice for indoor or outdoor use.

Roll-up steel sheet doors are perfect for warehouses and mini-storage facilities. These are available in many different colors and different options for energy efficiency. These service doors can come with or without insulation in steel or aluminum. We will work with you to identify your security and clearance needs

Along with installing a roll up door for a warehouse we can install a dock seal or dock lever – dock plate.

steel Roll up Commercial garage doors

Plastic Strip Doors

We install strip doors for use for indoors and outdoors for commercial idustries concerned with having a pollution seal, for acoustical control and saveing on energy. These strip doors reduces tamount of air that escapes.


Rapid Sheet Shutter Doors

Rapid sheet shutter doors work well for poultry facilities, honey factories, businesses where dust is a factor. Theses fast moving doors are time saving and energy efficient.


Other Doors

We install and repair doors for box trucks, commercial vehicles, and  semi trailer doors.



Truck Box door installation
Semi Truck Trailer Doors

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