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We offer variety of residential garage doors that will enhance the beauty of your home, provide energy efficiency, and add a measure of security. A garage door is a large moving part of your home and it’s not just a garage door. For most, it’s the second “front door” into your home. Many of us use this door to enter and exit our home many times a day. Ensuring you have a garage door and opener that will hold the test of time and one that will provide curb appeal is a priority of ours. C and S Garage Doors, LLC is a licensed and insured residential and commercial garage door company, offering installation, framing, garage door and opener repair, 24/7 service, and friendly technicians. We have over 20 years’ experience in the garage door industry.

When you’re buying a garage door, how do you know which one will be the best fit for you?

The answer to this is a matter of need and preference. We will help you choose the style and material that most fits you and your home. Below are some of the different styles you can choose from. This will give you a better understanding so when you’re looking at our inventory, you can make an informed decision.

We professionally install and sell garage doors with a wide variety of styles and material. We can even install any special order door, like smaller golf cart or atv doors. Using the information below will help you have an idea when you call on us, and once our technician arrives, he will take measurements and help you make your final decision. Initial inspections and quotes are a free service we provide to our customers who are ready to have their new garage door installed.

We are often asked; can you replace my current garage door?

The answer to that is yes. We do residential garage door replacement. If you have an existing garage door that is no longer working, if we can’t repair it, then we can replace it for you. Often panels are damaged, or wood doors may have rotted. Feel free to call on us to do a garage door inspection for a replacement or repair. As with a new installation, we will assess the damage and give you a quote.

Other reasons to replace a garage door?

You may choose to replace a garage door if:

  • you bought a home and you LOVED the home, but it has a purple garage door and stands out like a sore thumb in the neighborhood.
  • someone backed into the garage door.
  • it’s an old home that is being remodeled often needs a garage door replacement.

Types of Garage Doors

Steel Garage Doors

These are the most economical and popular material for garage doors. They are durable and virtually maintenance free doors. The steel garage doors come in many styles, from the traditional to the carriage house style. We can show you different styles that may be more of what you would like to have on your home than the standard door. There are many window and door styles you can choose from for the perfect door.

Wood Garage Doors

Wood style doors highly enhance the beauty of your home. They are more expensive and it’s a good idea to have maintenance on these doors, as we have seen rot when the doors are not serviced and maintained properly.

Specialty Glass Garage Doors

These contemporary designs have clean lines and allow for maximum visibility. They come in a variety of colors where you can create the perfect glass garage door to match your home.

Specialty Vinyl Garage Doors

Rust-resistant vinyl garage doors are made of resilient vinyl construction which seals out the elements for years of maintenance-free performance. They are available in carriage house and traditional designs.

As you can see the possibilities are endless. You can even have a custom designed garage door installation for your home. It all depends on your style, budget and what’s right for you and your home. C and S Garage Door, LLC technicians will take the time to listen to you and make recommendations on your needs and budget.

Is there a warranty?

Almost all garage doors manufacturers offer some type of warranty. Based on the door you choose, we will share with you that manufacturers warranty information and what’s covered. Garage doors have many parts and you can find out what parts the warranty covers.

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